I am based in Sutton, which is near Haverfordwest in South Pembrokeshire, Wales, and have been turning for almost 30 years. The wood I use is mainly sourced locally from tree surgeons etc. I also use exotics when the piece justifies it (i.e. It looks right)


I try to keep the site updated with new items, and often post news of new pieces of note on my Blog (Link at top right).


Should you wish to purchase an item,  I have got several of the more decorative pieces for sale on an online shop using the craft website, Etsy, they may either be purchased through the Etsy shop, or you can contact me direct by email (top right)  or by phone on 01437760509.


There is a link to the Etsy Shop on the Links page (above)


I am happy to do commissioned work, please call or email me for details.


Should you wish to commission a piece in time for a special gift please give me plenty of notice as it can take three months to allow for the timber to dry before a piece can be completed, and that isn't allowing for the work!